The Missing Piece In Leadership

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"New results require new thinking. The Missing Piece in Leadership is a shift from the 'way it's always been done' to a 'what's possible?' mindset that creates an endless well of options and opportunities. Krug helps people discard previous conditioning and reconnect with their innate leadership abilities."
- Stephen M. R. Covey, author of the New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Speed of Trust

"What if everything you'v learned about how to manage people is wrong? The Missing Piece in Leadership invites you to set aside your best practices and start asking the right questions about your role as a leader."
-Daniel Pink, Author of Drive and A Whole New Mind - Bring Common Sense Back to Common Practice

The Missing Piece in Leadership brings common sense back to leadership in a simple and straightforward way that unlocks and releases tremendous untapped potential in your people. If you could greatly enhance your ability to solve even your biggest problems before you finish reading The Missing Piece in Leadership, what would be the personal benefits? The Missing Piece in Leadership is written for leaders who are doing their best at what they've been taught and still not getting the desired results. These leader's days are often filled with stress and effort. This book is not just another one about leadership. It provides a path for discovering and bringing out your own unique leadership competencies and qualities essential to sustain high-performance.

According to the author, Doug Krug, "In over 20 years of working with executive teams throughout the public and private sectors I have met very, very few bad leaders. I have worked with many leaders who are good people who have inherited less than effective habits. Much of the stress and effort experienced today is actually caused by these inherited ways of doing things."

The Missing Piece in Leadership reveals:

  • Why so much leadership training produces less than desired results
  • The one fundamental shift in thinking essential for any organization to create more of what they want
  • Factors that impact results we are able to produce every day that have become invisible through familiarity
  • How to achieve the mental edge that leads to consistent and sustainable high performance
  • How to turn survival to thrival in our rapidly changing, dynamic environment.

There is no "one size fits all" leadership approach. If there were only one way to be an effective, inspiring leader, there would only be one book on the shelf in the book store.
"The transformation in thinking possible through this breakthrough process enables the reader to discover for themselves what they can do to create more of what they want, while reducing the stress and effort. Doug Krug and The Missing Piece in Leadership are key pieces in helping organizations get results through their people."
- D. Michael Abrashoff, Author It's Your Ship

"Regardless of how long you've had the privilege to lead, effective leaders are always looking for ways to improve! Whether you're new to the leadership game, or a grizzled veteran, Doug Krug has written an insightful book that will add some useful arrows to your leadership quiver!"
Elliott Powell, Jr. Assistant Director, Federal Consulting Group National Business Center Department of Interior

"Your insight and wisdom in leadership that has meant so much to the Colorado Rockies organization. As you were witness to, we were an organization in transition in 2004 when you first worked with us, and then a different organization in 2006 when we met again. No coincidence we made the World Series the following year in 2007. Thanks for your help and again, your insight."
- Charles Monfort, Owner Colorado Rockies Baseball