Signature Style

Our services focus on the ‘distinctions’ of leadership.

Much of the frustration of dealing with today’s most pressing issues is a function of conditioning rather than poor leadership.  The key to being a more successful, effective leader and having more successful, effective teams is more a function of ‘unlearning’ than learning something new.

All of the work we do at, is about forming a learning partnership with our clients.  Our team guides your teams through our proprietary signature style to discover for themselves what needs to happen to have people show up every day being more conscious, more aware, making more of the right decisions, and moving your organization to its desired outcomes with less stress and effort.


We provide:

Comprehensive Transformation in Thinking Leadership Development Process.  A 20 hour workshop that  generates the essential shifts in thinking necessary to produce and sustain desired outcomes.  the design of the workshop allows for the specific initiatives or issues you and your people are currently facing to be addressed.

This proven methodology, evolved from a body of work known as ‘enlightened leadership’ and updated in our latest book, The Missing Piece In Leadership.

Through this ‘transformation in thinking’ process individuals become teams, managers become leaders and employees become owners.


Executive Interventions.  From time to time executive teams reach a wall in their ability to work together effectively.  We have a proven process to remove the communication/behavioral blocks and get the energy aligned and focused toward your vital objectives.

This is not ‘training’ or traditional ‘teambuilding’; and the outcome will include complete shift in relationships between members of the team, including but not limited to, higher levels of trust and cooperation.  This will empower the team to generate and manage similar shifts in relationship throughout the organization.


Keynotes.  Add power and impact to your off-site events.  This is not a speech, this is a jump start for a transformation in thinking that will pay dividends into the future.

Leadership on the Fly (click here for information)


Business Process Improvement.  Built around our basic assumption that the real experts are the people already on your payroll, we guide them in discovering for themselves what they could do more of, better or differently to be more effective and efficient in their roles.