Signature Style: Transformation, not Training!


The breakthrough leadership development process of causes the transformation of thinking essential to lead successfully in today’s rapidly changing dynamic.

This is not training. We do not offer any “off-the-shelf” products.

Our methodology includes practical application based on your needs.

All of our work is built around the specific objectives, initiatives and challenges you and your team work with on a daily basis. Our process establishes a learning partnership with you that is designed to:

  • Demonstrate how quick and simple it is to move your key objective or initiative from where it is today to where you want it to be.
  • Dissolve barriers that have previously hindered progress.
  • To help you as the leader accomplish more with less stress and effort.

Among the immediate benefits you will experience:

  • A shift in relationships between members of your team, especially in regard to mutual respect and trust.
  • People communicating more openly with each other and resolving issues in a supportive and responsible manner.
  • Each individual member of the team performing their particular function at a level of effectiveness consistently matching or exceeding his or her best past performance.
  • A team focused and aligned toward the objectives with new levels of clarity of how each fits into the whole.
  • A management team that effectively models the behavior they expect from their people.

Bottom-line, our process greatly expedites
the development of inspiring and empowering leaders.

At second glance it is truly about the ‘art of leading up’, yet it still feels right with the title above.

The more consistently successful leaders already understand this art. They have answers to the question, “How do i get more of what I want from the people above me on the chain?”

Here’s one way I’ve learned over the years. Please share the ones you’ve learned with others through this blog.

Mine has to do with that concept introduced in the new book, “The Missing Piece in Leadership”.
The concept referred to is, managing the listening you’re speaking into. I first heard this expression from Dennis Wagner explaining why he thought the work we do was so impactful in so short a time.

Dennis said, “You manage the listening you’re speaking into first.” (After over three decades in the transformation in thinking field, Dennis Wagner is still on top of my list of naturally effective leaders.)