About e.l.solutions

e.l.solutions is an outcome-based solution generator.

One of the greatest benefits we bring to you is that we don’t already know how to do what you need done.

Because we haven’t already figured it out, we guide your people in discovering their own answers

People who think they already know how to do something ask different questions than someone who is trying to figure it out.  That is, if they even ask questions at all, because they are so sure they already know.

In the past the best leader was the one with the best answers.  For today and tomorrow the best leader is the one who can best access the answers from their people.

All of our work is based on the answer to one simple question – Whose answers are people most likely to buy-in to with the least resistance?

We don’t manage your project/objective for you, we lead you and your people through a process of discovering your own unique answers to what needs to be done to get from where you are currently to your desired outcome

At the end of this breakthrough process your leadership team will also be enabled and equipped to perpetuate the highly strategic thinking mindset – the mindset of a leader.  The mindset that continually provides the best answers to what it will take to keep moving forward successfully.

Awakening the curiosity in leaders and their people is one of the most impactful benefits of learning partners report.